In June of 2020, We decided it was time for a better energy product, not only for ourselves but for people we knew, and anyone looking for a healthier* option. Our goal was to provide a product that tasted good, provided more energy*, improved focus*, improved endurance* and didn't have the crash effect you get with other products.


As on-the-go parents with full-time careers, energy is a definite must. Cory & I were tired of the typical gas station caffeine in a can energy drinks, we were tired of using powdered energy products that have very little nutritional value, added dyes, sugar alternatives, and cause you to either need 2 or 3 servings through-out the day or crash. This led us to hire or formula specialist, find a USA manufacturer, create our own: product, brand, and business entity. 

As we started developing BLITZ ENERGY, there were some important aspects we wanted to implement with our product to ensure we were differentiating ourselves from the 100's of other "energy" products. We wanted 200mg of caffeine, best forms of B3/B6/B12, Fiber, Rhodiola, 0 Sugar or sugar alternatives, and no dyes.  Our formulation has nothing egregious in it, no "special blends" no "proprietary mixes", but what it does have is formulated ingredients and quantities so that your body recognizes the ingredients and uses them efficiently and effectively. 

Blitz Energy is a part of our daily lives.  We hope you enjoy the product as much as we do. 

Cory & Nikki Johnsen
JW Nutrition, LLC

.      Cory L. Johnsen & Nikki L. Johnsen are not physicians or registered dietitians.  The contents of this email should not be taken as medical advice.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, 

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